DIN Rail Unmanaged Switches

Primmcon’s unmanaged hardened industrial switches are unbeatable and are where Primmcon shines. With various PoE standards supported and more than enough options, Primmcon’s unmanaged industrial line will surely carry the options you need
  • PoE Standards supported:
    • 15W 802.3af
    • 30W 802.3at
    • 60W 802.3bt
    • 90W 802.3bt
    • 60W uPOE
    • 60W 4P-PoE
  • 2kV PoE surge protection
  • ColdDesign Technology
  • Silent Operation: Primmcon’s products are will operate smoothly and silently
  • Redundant Power and alarm notification upon power failure
  • Overload Protection
  • Tertiary 3rd power DIN for VAC power input
  • EN50155, UL60950-1, and many other certifications to fit your project needs
  • Voltage Boosters: 12-56VDC input for 56VDC PoE output is available on various models
  • PoE+ minimum: None of Primmcon’s products provide only 802.3af 15W PoE. All of Primmcon’s products start at 802.3at 30W PoE. Minimum, no questions asked.

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8 port series

Our 8 port series is best sellers, and certified for CE/FCC/VCCI/EN60068 (shock, vibration, freefall)/LVD EN60950-1 and UL60950-1
  • Certified for CE/FCC/VCCI/EN60068 (shock, vibration, freefall)/LVD EN60950-1 and UL60950-1
  • Supports both 802.3af PoE and 802.3at PoE+
  • 100M FE, 1000M Giga, 100M FE PoE+, 1000M Giga PoE+ options available
  • 8 ports all 802.3at 30W PoE+ for PoE models
  • Standard 48-56VDC or wide range 24-56VDC input available
  • Built-in proprietary 2kV surge protection
  • Built-in hardened PoE controller
  • Redundant power support
  • Alarm relay support
  • Built-in proprietary 2kV surge protection
  • PoE+ ports double as data ports for easy cascading
Works in extreme environments -40ºC to 75ºC