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Primmcon’s hardened industrial products are the perfect solutions to use in a variety of situations and environments. 

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All Terrain PoE Extender

Primmcon's 95Watts Hardened outdoor 3 port 95Watts PoE extender for all terrain application. With 95Watts PD IN to 2 x Giga PSE OUT. Designed for Heavy Thunder, Lightning and Rain environment. 
Operating temp.: -40°C to +75°C

  • Built-in hardened Marvell IC
  • Built-in hardened POE and PD controller
  • Built-in voltage booster for 30Watts or Higher PD applications
  • Built-in hardened materials for 95Watts PD input
  • Built-in True Surge 6kV or above protection materials.
  • Thunder, Lightning, and Water-resistant. 
  • Can be cascaded up to 4 units or 500 meters
  • Operating Temp.: -40°C to 75°C 
  • Safety UL 60950-1 Certified