We grow to help our customers.

Primmcon has acquired and incorporated a fully-equipped EMS manufacturing line, with all of the equipment necessary to maintain our quality and maximize our flexibility. This will not only decrease lead times, but also help us accommodate customer requests immediately.


factory-test-shipmentSMT Line is monitored 24/7 by our factory workers
factory-smt-line13 Section Reflow Oven



factory-test-shipmentSMT Line includes dual SMT mounting machines
factory-smt-lineSMT Mounting Internals



factory-test-shipmentAll of our products immediately go through our AOI Machine for testing
factory-smt-lineDIP Parts are carefully mounted by our factory workers



factory-test-shipmentPCBs immediately go through our automatic DIP solder chamber
factory-smt-lineProduct assembly line following DIP soldering



factory-test-shipmentProducts are 100% burned-in with our state-of-the-art heat chamber
factory-smt-lineProducts further 100% tested using Smartbit technology


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